Blue Silver Wyandottes

Micki Blue

10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Since posting my apology on the incorrect name of my Blue Columbians thought i might share some pics with you guys OS of a color in Wyandotte you may not have over there.

They are Blue Silvers, same as a Silver Lace but all traces of Black replaced with Blue. The cockrel is a Blue Silver Sport, very soft, light Blue Lacing.

Hope you all like x x x

I have had some before. Just wondering how you got yours. We got ours by crossing a BLR hen with a silver laced rooster. Are there BLR wyandottes in AUS? If not have you thought about atleast making blue laced gold?
Hey Monkey, your a clever little Monkey arn't you !

I made mine with a SLW and Solid Blue Wyandotte cross.

I've made Blue Gold, and i've made Buff Laced.

We do have Blue Reds in Australia but we are waaaaaay behind you guys in their standards, yours just ^#$%ing rock !

I put pics of my Blue Golds and Buff Laced for you too . . . hope you likey x x x






And some self Blues

Lol, yeah. Have you tried introducing mahogany to the blue golds to get red instead of gold? I like the last blue gold roo you have, his breast lacing is cool. In your last pic, the rooster doesnt look right. Do I see lacing? He almost looks like a light lavender with straw hackle and such.
You can't introduce Mahogany instead of Gold. The bird can be Gold or Silver, with or without Mahogany. The Blue Laced Gold birds in Australia have Dilute,American birds don't. Thus the difference.
Blue Laced Reds do exist in Australia but are in a minority.

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