Blue Sizzle Cockerel 8 weeks old LPU Only

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    Sizzles are technically a variety of the beautiful & unique Silkie bantam. Like the Silkie, they are sweet, gentle, & very docile toward everyone & everything. They seem to enjoy attention, love being cuddled, and overall, they are very "unchickenlike." Most learn their name & come when called. In fact, they usually come even when NOT called, & will often sit on your foot begging to be picked up.

    Sizzles are very unusual & fanciers are breeding them with an eye towards getting them recognized as a new breed. There aren't many breeders so Sizzles beyond 1st or 2nd generation are very rare. Ours are now in their 8th & 9th generations & the chicks are getting cuter & more unique looking every year. The standard calls for the Sizzle to maintain the personality & physical traits of its Silkie cousin in all aspects except feathering. Instead of the fur-like feathers of the Silkie, Sizzle feathers are soft & curled backwards. So, with body feathers curled backwards & neck feathers curling around their face until their head resembles a Chrysanthemum with eyes, these little guys are the most comical yard ornaments you will ever see. It's almost impossible to look at them without smiling or sometimes even laughing out loud! They are definitely an overdose of cute. They come in both frizzle & smooth varieties and both types are beautiful & totally different from any other breed.

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