Blue Skies Hatchery


8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
Hi all,

I just wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with the above hatchery. So far, I'm pretty unimpressed, and I havn't even gotten my eggs from them.

I ordered 10 turkey eggs from them, thinking that they'd ship them out to me pretty quickly. There was no information on the website indicating that they were behind on orders,already had a waiting list for 2012, etc. All the hatcheries that I have bought from in the past were very diligent about giving at least an expected delivery range.

This was at least 3 weeks ago, and I have not heard a single peep of a word from the hatchery. No confirmation e-mails for expected delivery, no notification of delay, nothing.

I did find, after digging through thier webiste, a nice disclaimer that they would keep 25% of my money, NO MATTER WHAT. Poor service and I want my money back? Too bad, they get my money. They send me infertile eggs? Too bad, they get my money for the privilage.

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