Blue Slate hatching eggs For Sale, MS


You'll shoot your eye out!
12 Years
Apr 16, 2007
Elvis' birthplace......
My turkeys started laying up a storm and after setting eggs and testing fertility, I am ready to sell some eggs. I have had 100% fertility thus far, and am confident enough to sell them. $20 for half dozen plus shipping. Local pick up is welcome and preferred. email me at [email protected]

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You are SO tempting me. One of these days I want to get some turkeys to fatten up for Turkey Day. I just don't know if I want to hatch some eggs or get them allready hatched out. I don't know anything about turkeys but I've worked with them for years. ha ha

I just finished my 2nd coop and it will eventually be for the Phoenix and I still have to build 2 more coops SOON so I can get all these chicks seperated like I want them. I can't believe that I think I still need more........

How's things going down there? Did you get rid of all those non cochin chickens? How did the Auracaunas hatch out and did he like them? Are you BUSY with your Easter Chicks?

A friend of mine might be interested if you have any male babies for sale. She does not have an incubator. Do you sell the babies? Thanks


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