Blue slate male turkey with very swollen neck


7 Years
Jul 8, 2012
west Michigan
Found him like this today. He was just fine yesterday. Today his neck is swollen, hot to the touch. Goes from below the beak to right above the crop. His crop is empty. Feels like it is gel filled, very squishy.

He is about 9 months old and outdoors in a venilated house. It doesnt affect his eyes and there is no crud or discharge from them.

I have a pic I will try to post soon.
I don't know anything about turkeys, but 2 things I could think of would be subcutaneous emphysema (a leaking air sac under the skin from an injury to the neck) or and infection such as fowl cholera or coyrza which would cause swollen wattles. A closer picture may help. Did you post on the turkey forum? Here is a link:

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