Blue Splash Cochin Bantam Cockerel

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    Jul 28, 2011
    Jefferson, GA
    Blue splash cochin bantam rooster, he is a year old, fat and beautiful!
    Bought him this year for some hens I had but I decided to go with a buff rooster instead if splash to keep my colors true.

    He was bred by an individual with no immediate hatchery lineage.

    He isn't super tame but is catchable, loves treats!
    He has really bright and healthy eyes, comb and waddles.

    I can ship him but for his price not sure if anybody would want to do that!
    If you do want to ship him then you can have him for free.

    I'm located in Buford GA

    Shipping would be $55 + $10 box fee as he is pretty hefty!

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