Blue/ Splash Marans eggs 17+

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    Up for your consideration are 17+ Blue and Splash Marans eggs.I have a Blue Rooster and a Splash Rooster over 4 Blue hens and 1 Splash hen. My incubators are full and I would like to see these eggs get a chance to hatch. My Marens in this pen came from "The Fancy Chick" and lay a dark egg. I have a great hatch rate here but because of the PO and incubator methods I cannot guarantee yours. I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and double box. My flocks are tested by the State TEXAS PULLORUM-TYPHOID CERTIFICATE NO# 1479 All the Marens in this pen are FRENCH STANDARD but occasionally I hatch a clean legged chick. These eggs will ship Saturday morning (if they sell) so please pay in a timely manor. Method of payment is PAYPAL: [email protected] Thank YOU for looking at my auction.COLLECTING MORE EGGS EVERYDAY...YOU'LL GET THEM ALL.

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    About how big are these and could I pick them up instead of shipping?
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    Do you have pictures of the eggs?

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