Blue Sumatra's In Gettysburg, Pa


12 Years
Feb 2, 2008
Glen Rock, PA
Hi Peep's. Me again. My friend, Kim whom I bought my new babies from called today and told me about a cross that she accidently created...
She took Cubalaya hens and crossed them with her black Sumatra roo and got gorgeous Blue Sumatra's. Of course a mutt bird, but she says they are so pretty she must share them. She will have some peeps for sale.
She will be sending me pictures and I will try to post them ASAP.
She also has 28 breeds of poultry, peacocks, quail, turkey and pheasant.
You can e-mail her at : [email protected]
Or you can PM me and I will give you her number.
I will be going to get a few of her Splash & Blue Jersey's this week or possibly next weekend and if you need me to pick up, I can.

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