Blue Swedish ducklings? How to tame?


10 Years
Oct 23, 2009
I recently purchased 3 Swedish ducklings from TSC, that I'm hoping are Blue Swedish. The lady at the store said "Swedes" were written on the box they came in. They don't look like blacks from pictures I've seen, but could they be a splash too?

Also, I would like to know what I need to do to get them to bond with me? I've tried nuzzling them in my hair and cuddling with them. I let them swim in the tub twice a day and talk with them, but they are still very skittish and afraid of me.

I haven't let them run around outside of their brooder yet (besides the tub), but I do have a room that they could play in if i put up a barrier. Think this would help?

I'm worried because I got my first two ducklings last year that turned out to be Rouen drakes and they aren't very tame and I did the same things with them. I really want to have fun with these little ones and want them to grow up and run towards me like my chickens do. HELP!

I hope I have better luck this year and have more ducks than drakes! The littlest baby seems to hold it's head back and tucked down more than the other two do. Is this possibly a sign of male or female? I tried to sex them after watching the Metzer Farm video, but they all looked like females to me.
(I have my doubts that I would be so lucky.)

Here are some pictures....



Lots of snuggles and treats.

Ducklings have a natural instinct that causes them to run from anything that moves twards them. With alot of patience and handeling this will wear off. Sadly people get up when their ducks become fully fledged! My girls didnt loose that instinct until almost a year old. some ducks dont until a few years. the importaint thing is to keep handeling them.

My next recomendation is to give them as much physical and mental stimulation as possible. When well excersized they will be more calm, and mentally stimulated ducklings are more less likley to be as fearful and all together happier!The The best ways to go about this are:
Giving them plenty of space to run and play
Toys and diffrent kinds of treats
LOTS of Snuggles!

Remember to keep up the good work and don't get frustrated or give up! It will take time!
Let them approach you, give them the freedom to move away from you, and give them lots of treats!
Good Luck,
Anything that comes towards them from a height can be seen instinctually as danger. Always approaching the brooder from a lower level will help to stop them rushing into a corner any time you go near them.

Handling them as much as possible - especially when eating, so that when they are grown they will still come to eat out of your hands.
Swedes come in Blue, black and splash..... Looks like you have some blues... Very cute.
Thanks! I think they're cute too. :O)

I think that I will make a little play area for them. Right now I have the brooder on the floor and you're right, it makes perfect sense that when my big head appears looming over them in their brooder that they would run! Didn't really think about that before.

Hypothetically.....if I end up with a pair, would their offspring be 100% blue or is there a chance that they could produce other colors as well?

Thanks and I would love to see your favorite pictures of your ducks!
When I got my Swedish babies from TSC last year I was told by members here that males have green bills and females have blue/gray bills. They are all super cute! Keep working with them, they'll come around.
That's so funny that you said that, because I had noticed that two of mine have blue bills and one of them (the smaller one, i think) has a bluish green, almost teal colored bill. I wondered if that was a possible indicator, but didn't see it anywhere else. Hopefully, i got two females!

Tonight I tried the great advice that you've all given me. I let them go for their swim and then I let them run around a bit. Call me crazy,
but I laid on my stomach with my forehead on the floor and placed them under my hair like they would be under their mamas wings. They played in my hair and nuzzled on my face a bit. They are just sooo precious! They do seem to be coming around too and aren't quite so skittish. I hope that they keep coming around.

Anyone have any pictures of the splash color? Are they not very pretty or why don't the duck breeders offer that color (like Metzer's)

Thanks again!

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