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Queen Of Clueless
11 Years
Jul 27, 2008
I was surprised today when I went to get a gosling out of the incubator to see...a DUCK! At first I thought it was an Indian Runner (I had even put that in a incubating post!)though I had candled the last two eggs and they didnt appear viable anymore. I had thought my Crested Blue Swedish eggs were a bust as well...BUT as this one dried off and one more duckling hatched, they didnt look like any Runners I ever saw. Since it was the last egg in there when it hatched, I opened the incubator, and sure enough the writing on the shells was Blue Swedish. One is darker with right now yellow on his/her chest, extending down, the other one isnt dry yet but from what I can tell he/she is lighter with only a little bit of white on the chest.
My daughter says "they have funny shaped heads",lol.
Well, this is a first for me, I have never had them before. Its amazing how much nerve they have, not frightened of the bigger goslings as well and follow them around.

My 3rd set of Swedish ducklings just hatched this past week, I love them! I am getting some blacks, blues and splashes, so cool, but its hard to choose which to keep!

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