Blue Wheaten Ameraucana cockerel+eggs


14 Years
Aug 29, 2009
Alachua County FL
I'm offering a 20 week old BW Ameraucana to be picked up locally.
I'm holding on to all my pullets and hens for now, but will give
the highest bidder a dozen+ W/BW eggs to incubate and hopefully
get some nice girls to pair with him.

He's a nice boy, but a bit smaller than some of my others, and is starting
to get picked on...he needs to find a home of his own. His hackles have
slight, but not much striping, but are lighter than I'd prefer. His tail is
mostly solid blue with just a bit of color on a few top feathers.
He has great lacing, leg color, comb and beard. His wide leg stance suggests
he'll fill out nicely once away from the competition. Egg color from this
group ranges from sky blue to aquas and turquoise.

He's the one in front:



Wishing you were closer...

General question--Are BW roo tails preferred to be
1. all blue with dark blue/black lacing
2. an even gray blue
3. blue with some dark blue/black lacing and some red lacing?

I've been trying to evaluate 2 local roos & see if they're satisfactory for breeding up from (Both came from parents with some off color pattern genes but look close to true Wheaten and Blue Wheaten themselves).
They should have no lacing.
The SOP for tail color reads "Blue, some orange shafting in sickles".
The shaft is the quill of the feather.
It is not uncommon to see some brown/orange lacing in the tails of the variety,
the solid blue tail is something to breed for.

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