Blue Wheaten Ameraucana crossed with Wheaten Ameraucana


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Oct 7, 2015
I am getting ready to incubate some eggs where a Blue Wheaten Ameraucana is the rooster and a Wheaten Ameraucana is the hen. Should I expect any of the standard Ameriucana colors from this cross?

Also, I am hatching eggs where a blue Wheaton is the hen (same rooster). I think I will get 3 color combinations out of them, one being a splash. However, slash is not a standard Ameraucana color so it is to be treated as an Easter egger, right?


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Jul 23, 2012
Wheaten crossed with blue wheaten should result in 50% wheaten and 50% blue wheaten offspring. Blue wheaten and blue wheaten should be 25% wheaten, 25% splash and 50% blue wheaten. Splash is not an accepted color, but it is a natural result of blue x blue. Most breeders will call them Ameraucanas, not Easter Eggers. Breed a splash wheaten to a wheaten and you will get 100% blue wheaten.


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I call my splashes Ameraucana. The color is actively being pursued to be recognized per my understanding. If you look at photos from poultry shows, there seem to be a lot of splash entrants. And the parents are both pure bred birds, so IMO the offspring is a pure bred bird.

This same thing was an issue in the American Quarter Horse world with cremello horses (same principle as splash, a double dilute) and eventually the color was recognized for registration. Those horses were still quarter horses, even if they were an un-register-able color.

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