Blue Wheaten/ Wheaten and Lavender Genetics?

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    Can anyone tell me what may happen if I put Blue Wheaten, Wheaten and Lavender birds all together? I'm just wondering for my own personal reasons? I have seen these great little charts, does anyone have one for a cross between the wheaten and the lavenders? Does anyone have any pictures of such a cross, what could I expect maybe?


    Lavender (Self Blue) x Lavender (Self Blue) = 100% Lavender (Self Blue)

    Lavender (Self Blue) x Black = 100% Split (Visually Black, with Lavender gene hidden)

    Split x Split = 25% Lavender (Self Blue), 50% Split, 25% Black

    Lavender (Self Blue) x Split = 50% Lavender (Self Blue), 50% Split

    Split x Black = 50% Split, 50% Black

    Blue/Black/Splash (BBS)

    Blue x Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black, 25% Splash

    Blue x Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash

    Blue x Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black

    Black x Splash = 100% Blue

    Black x Black = 100% Black

    Splash x Splash = 100% Splash

    NOTES - - Black can NEVER parent a Splash Bird, and Splash can NEVER parent a Black Bird.

    Wheaten/Blue Wheaten

    Wheaten x Wheaten = All Wheaten

    Wheaten x Blue Wheaten = 1/2 Wheaten and 1/2 Blue Wheaten

    Blue Wheaten x Blue Wheaten = 1/2 Blue Wheaten, 1/4 Wheaten and 1/4 Splash

    Wheaten x Splash Wheaten = All Blue Wheaten

    Blue Wheaten x Splash Wheaten = 1/2 Splash Wheaten and 1/2 Blue Wheaten

    Splash Wheaten x Splash Wheaten = All Splash Wheaten
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    ok lets make a few points clear. when you talk about lavender you are talking about a phenotype which includes the following genotypes. a self black bird which are mostly Extended black birds E/E(Extended Black) and other genes palying its part to make a completely black bird. then these black birds need to be turn into a self lavender birds. how is that done? with the recessive autosomal(none sex linked) recessive lavender gene lav/lav. one copy of this gene lav/Lav+(Lav+ is the wildtype counter part) when a bird has only one copy then it will not show its lavender color. but it will be hidden leaving an entirely black bird...

    wheaten is also a phenotype made up of birds that are mostly wildtype in nature and there fore most of their genes are found on the Red jungle fowl birds. thats why the Males of the "Wheaten" birds are duck wing patterned just like the Red jungle fowl. infact the most significant mutant found on these "Wheaten" birds that are not found on the Wildtype is the wheaten e allele(eWh) intead of the wildtype e+ e allele.

    example of a wildtype wheaten bird. Black Breasted Red Cubalaya

    now compared to the Red Jungle Fowl

    so if you Cross this "Wheaten" bird that is mostly wildtype in nature and most of its genes are recessive in nature. to a Self lavender gene. you will get all Black chicks at hatch and mostly all Black adults..Why?

    the Extended Black e allele is Dominant over the wheaten e allele(eWh)
    Melanotic(Ml) is dominant over the none melanotic wildtype counter part ml+ found on these type of wildtype birds. and since they will only have one copy of lavender, then all of them will not be lavender.

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