Blue Wyandotte x Rhode Island Red

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    I hatched a few chicks from my Blue Wyndotte Roo and my Rhode Island Red (production strain most likely). There like two weeks old and developing pretry quick and eat more than any baby chicks ive had. I was wondering if anyone could give me and idea on what they might look like when mature. They were hatched all black except with yellow fuZy butt spot. And some yellow on chest. One chick hatched with lots of gray while the other two hatched the next day all black with same small amount of yellow. There yellow turned mosrly white noq that they have somw feathers with the grayiah ob fettinf more gray. The grayish ons toes are almost all black with the other black ones toes are striped. Black and yellow horizontal stripes. The one black chicks has a single white wing feather. Black beak like the dad. I bred them because i figures it he a good mix since both are dual purpose and my roo is very large. I tried googling the mix but i can only find red laced blue wyndotte x rir but all being a rir roo and wyndotte hen not a wyndotte roo to rir hen and not a blue wyndotte. I wanna hatch some more for eggs and meat. I gotta buddy with what looks to be a white rock hen and he wants my wyndotte to breed her which id think be a good mix for meat since she is a very large hen. He wanted me to breed my Spanish Game Cock to her but I told him it would be a uaeleas cross. Probably just end up with a really mean hen thats horrible layer and doesnt weight enough to be worth eating. Any other crosses with my Blue Wyndotte worth trying?[​IMG]
    The last pic is of the daddy. He is going through his first molt right now and his colors are getting nicer he labido is going crazy too. Poor hen is going bald as heck cause sje molt and he keepa breeding her. We never know when he does cause they quit and we have never seen them mate just notice aha balder in the morning. We never knew he ever mating her till we noticed the eggs were fertal when we cook them.
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