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    Jul 10, 2010
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    Hi there. More questions, more questions, and I hope I'm placing this in the right spot, some of the categories are a little blurred to me.

    SO I'm started a little minifarm outside my grandparent's 'shop' which used to be a gas station years and years ago called Bluebird Station. SO I was thinking it would be cool to get a few various breeds of chickens that are 'blue'.

    Inspired by this: My Pet Chicken: Blue Assortment Eggs

    It says it includes some of the following:
    ♥ Blue Sumatra
    ♥ Blue Andalusian
    ♥ Blue Orpington
    ♥ Blue Birchen Marans
    ♥ Blue Splash Marans
    ♥ Blue Copper Marans
    ♥ Blue Hamburgs
    ♥ It also mentions Blue Ameraucana but I think those fall under 'rare bird'.
    I believe there is also a blue polish and a blue silkie that exist.

    I may or may not buy from here. I'm not sure how many I want and I may want a bit more control over which breeds I get, but I was going to ask you what your opinion of each of these breeds. Which ones are the best layers (somewhat important) and which ones are the most friendly (very important)? Are there other blue breeds in which you think I am better off trying?

    I live on the Oregon coast so ones that do decent with being enclosed due to rain is kind of important, too.

    Do you guys think I'm being unnecessarily picky/have my priorities all wacky?

    Thank you.
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    No I don't think you are being picky. If that is what you want them get them. I love the blue birds and have added them this year. They are my new favorite! If you are going to hatch eggs you could also buy them in the auction site here. Most of the time the breeders birds are better than the hatcheries! So get what you want and have fun!
    Edited to add: If you go in the breed section here it tell you what birds do better with confinement than others. You also learn about their temperment and laying habits.
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