Bluegills for my chickens

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  1. I've read where feeding fishmeal, whatever that is is fed, so how about me feeding the bluegills I catch to my chickens?
    My last cat lived on my bluegills.
    Of course I'd fillet them. [​IMG]
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    I've read of several folks doing just that, feeding bluegills. One lady ground up the fish whole, which would also give them some good calcium from the bones. If I had a meat grinder big enough and access to plentiful bluegill, I'd probably do the same.

    If you feed ONLY bluegills (or whatever fish), they'd be getting too much protein. Perhaps if you feed a 16% feed and add in some bluegill (you'd have to look up the protein content of fresh bluegill), it would be good stuff for them.
  3. that's great info. Ice fishing is just about here, and I love to catch bluegills. My chickens get 18% layer feed, but I'll give them some bluegills also. they are pretty fussy eaters, so I'm sure they'll have to get used to them.
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    Keep the amounts low - in addition to being like 60% protein (which will cause issues if it's a large percentage of diet), high amounts of fish in diet can cause fishy tasting eggs.
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    Mmm bluegills...and crappy....thru the ice.
    They'd be going into MY belly...the fillets anyway, give the birds the rest of carcass tho.
    Not too much at once tho, like everything else, other than balance feed, in moderation.
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    I think if I had a ready supply of fish... that is fish that I don't eat myself, I'd cut way back on layer, up the scratch (which is cheaper, and I think about 13% protein, and supplement with the fish.
  7. I'll see what they think about the gills when I start fishing. They seem to be VERY fussy eaters. Bad as my kids were/are.
    The list of what they don't like I think is longer than what they do like.
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    carp, bluegill, and various other trash fish can be caught with netting in Michigan without special licenses. I think just a casting net, a few hours a month and a bit of corn to attract fish (it attracts bluegills too) should be enough to provide proteins for a medium flock. You would need a freezer of course, and I wonder if you can really freeze fish without gutting it.
  9. I'm thinking that your not thinking.
    Where do you come up with this misinformation?
    Netting bluegills?
    Trash fish?

  10. Where did you hear this? Bluegill are not 'trash fish' they are one of the most popular game fish in the US, in Michigan they are grouped as 'sunfish' with a combined daily limit of 25 and you need a fishing license... Same goes for carp, Michigan considers them a game fish as well and they to require a fishing license, but there is no possession limit and spear or bow is AOK...

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