Bluekote Stains & Molting

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    Hello Fellow Poultry Lovers,

    I sprayed my hens with bluekote to help grow their feathers back, it did not work too well like I heard. Now their feathers are stained blue. I was wondering if there was anyway to get it off of them?
    Also, they are due to molt anytime now (they are 18 months old) will they still molt if their bums and backs were featherless for over 6 months? My one girl had a bare bum since December and when she molted a few months ago all the feathers came back at once, that made it easy to stay on top of. I really hope that happens with all the other girls. Also, what can I do to keep them from pecking each others feathers out?

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    Bluekote won't help the feathers grow back, it's use is to cover any red skin because chickens like to peck at things that are red. They should molt soon, they will probably start by growing the feathers back than lose the other ones.

    Feather picking is mostly caused be low protein in the diet, and from overcrowding. Also being mated by a rooster too much will make them bare backed. Sounds like you need to figure out why your chickens are picking feathers and try to stop it.
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    Ditto that blukote won't help feathers's an antiseptic that can help camouflage bloody wounds.

    A bare butt can be a sign of mites too.

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