Bluey's Film Debut In "Trapped" On Hold....Help!


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Apr 10, 2008
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As some of you may know, my buddy Gavin made his first feature length movie starring Corbin Bernsen, Tom Atkins and me, Bluey! I went to a premiere and the movie was quite good but was shockingly snubbed by our local Three Rivers Film festival who chose 45 movies, 44 of which were made elsewhere.

Trapped on IMDB:

you guys and gals that know me do me a favor and send an email to Gary Kaboly and complain about "Trapped"' being omitted from the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Film Festival. A simple one line email saying how you were looking forward to seeing the film and how disappointed that it was not picked by the Three rivers Film Festival committee is suffice. It really makes no difference whether you live in Pittsburgh or not. Here is Gary's email and website. Please do not get nasty as we wish for them to change their mind! Thanks for your help!

[email protected]

Thanks! Hopefully this will help the movie get placed in more festivals and you can see my acting debut at a theatre near you!!!!


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Feb 24, 2008
Carrollton, GA
That's pretty cool, festival or not!

eta: Just sent an email. Good luck.
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