blunt injury to eye beak and surroundin

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  1. phoenixflowers

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    Sep 13, 2012
    Hi I found one of hen looks like door slammed into face with injured beak poosible puncture wound to jaw area. She is alert but isn't eating or drinking w\o help how much for each feeding and watering should I give her. Have aviary electrolites and gave pcn shot into breat tissue taking fluids well with curved soft tip syringe unsure of quantities of food and fluids to give daily and amts per feeding and frequency

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    She is probably very sore so not eating... Hopefully she will start waiting on her own soon. Give as much as you are able. The vitamins will help her a lot. How old is she? And about what.size. Try feeding her scrambled egg or you can get parrot handfeeding formula you can make into a.soup like mix. Sounds like a possible predator attack......make sure to check for that.

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