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    Sep 30, 2010
    i read that is is ok to add BMD or Bacitracin to the quails feed once every couple weeks or so to keep them form getting sick. does anyone do this and is it as safe as what i read. i dont want ot alter eggs or weight of anything. just curious as to what yall do with yalls. and also on anoither note i know thay can eat pumpkin seed but do they have to be dried out and can thay eat the "guts" of the pumpkin as well.
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    I wouldn't give the quail anything in their diet unless they desperately NEED it. I don't put any antibiotics in the feed nor add vitamins to the water. They do get clippings from our safe plants from outside now as I accidentally am growing from their feed that they waste...I do put sulmet in the water if one bird looks odd. That is the ONLY medication I use. wormer...I put wazine in their water once a month. No signs of worms as of yet. Going to use JJ's method of pumpkin.
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    Quote:If you are in the South and raise Bobwhites and keep them on the ground, after the 2nd year or so you will find it necessary to use BMD or feed a medicated feed with Bacitracin, UE in Bobwhites raised on the ground is inevitable..
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    Sep 20, 2010
    I just keep my birds off the ground, and no worms, that I know of. Feeding pumpkin....delicious and nutritious! Throw in some Kayle, mustard, etc.

    Adding BMD or any other medication, then you are on your own. I think we need a "My quail has worms" only thread and folks can throw out their suggestions.
    I just don't have a bag of BMD handy to just throw out to my flock. I fear that I'm missing something!

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