BO 2 weeks old suddenly can't stand

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    Jun 11, 2016
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    This chick is 2 weeks old tomorrow,she came with others from Cackle Hatchery, all seem to be doing well, until today when I noticed the hen in a corner with her head down. If I put my hand in the brooder box they all scatter and she moved then, later in the day she stayed put. Brought her in and offer yogurt, no interest, did take 2 mealworms. When she does try to stand she falls over or stands on her hocks. She has very solid hard droppings. I've isolated her, but she's still in the brooder in a little box with electrolyte water and warm food mash made with that water. I got her to take a good bit of water with a child's mouth syringes. Should I give her an enema of electrolyte water? Force the yogurt down? She doesn't strain much to go poo, but then he is at her vent, but can't quite reach... thoughts? If she's impacted, would that cause her not to stand? The kids may have fed too much mealworms...
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    Hello, i had a similar thing. just a question, is it kind of shaking? I Would suggest that you carefully syringe some electrolyte water in and see if it helps. Dose it have a Very Solid Crop? It Turns out that my one had Botulism, i fed it by a dropper garlic and rosemary water and I mixed 1 egg yolk a table spoon or to of natural yogurt and popped a vitamin E oil tablet in and syringed fed it for a few days and it started to eat by its self, it had been a slow recovery but all is well now.
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