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Ok so I learned a great deal yesterday about how to tell the boys from the girls in my Barred Rock crowd. Is there an easy way to tell who's who in my Buff Orps? Some have small combs that are more yellow/pink than red, and some have larger combs that are really red, and some are in I have no idea what they are doing...
And why do my white ones have nice big combs but the combs are suck a pale pink when all the other breed chicks (they are 5 weeks old now) that have large combs have bright red ones?



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BOs are easy to sex providing you have at least one of each. The boys will very quickly get bigger combs that are darker colored and then they develop their wattles first. Of course if you only have boys or only have girls you have nothing to compare and that's when it gets confusing but if you send a pic we can sort it out for you really quick.
interesting... I have a 2 week old BO who I bought as a pullet, but I'm suspecting it's a roo... it has a bigger comb than all my other 2 week olds, but none of those are BO's... so it's not a good comparison... I'm gonna go outside and take a pic!!
I just went out for pics and it looks like her comb was pecked at a bit, poor girl... she's only with other chicks her age, and she's one of the biggest... odd.. anyway, im uploading the pics right now
I hope she's a pullet... that's what I bought her as, but I've had a few purchased "pullets" turn out to be roo's... I was just worried cause her comb is bigger... as seen in pic #1...
I will try to get them to stand still long enough for a pic. The BO's are the most shy ones and always seem to evade my attempts at photo documentation! Some (alot) have very small light light colored combs and very small wattles and like I said, others are definitely roo looking. The hatchery said that sexing is 88% acurate so techincally I should have 8.8 hens out of my 100 roo far have 4-5 barred rock girls and still have 3-4 other breeds (havent determined ALL of the white ones to be one or two breeds yet) so I think I will have a lot more hens than expected if things keep going like they did with the BR. I dont MIND getting more hens than I paid for, hens at $0.31 a piece is GREAT, but I am more into unique egg colors... oh well I can sell the plain ones at work

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