Bob loves his baby Piper

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    OK so piper's not his- but when we were down to just Bob (April hatch so full grown) and Piper (june hatch just a wee baby) and were introducing lucinda (april hatch houdan) i took a leap of faith and tossed Piper in with the big guys. he'd been in a kennel in the coop/run with Bob for over a week. Bob slept on his kennel, ate beside the kennel and rarely left Pipers kennel area. Well bob LOVES piper. Piper got brave came out of the kennel and bob RUNS OVer and cuddles right up together. PIper spent weeks cuddled up under bob's chest eating.

    Now piper is a big silkie boy all of his own. Bob's busy being a great rooster- protective of his girls puts them to bed he's really figuring it out. Piper is still peeping away (he was 1/2 the size he should have been for quite some time. He's a slow developer but he's peeping and starting to cluck a bit.

    I went to tuck them into bed the other night- had my camera on me and opened the door to find this:

    they stayed like this for the 10 minutes i spent cuddling the others, checking waters etc) piper occasionally dropped his head below the roost to look at me [​IMG] but Bob loves his piper and was holding him close. how cute!

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    May 11, 2010
    That is so cute!
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    Sooo sweet [​IMG]
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    Awwww that is so precious!
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    That is just precious!

    And I love the other hen in the photo too - is she a splash colored Polish?

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