Bobwhite chick has trouble walking

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    I only had 2 eggs hatch and the first one that hatched has trouble walking. It can walk but it favors one side. It will fall down and frail around. Sometimes it manages to get itself up and going again and sometimes it will just take a nap and try it again. Could it have had a stroke when it hatched? I haven't had any luck hatching out quail so I have no idea what to do for it. The second one that hatched looks to be fine.

    The incubator spiked to 103 a couple of times but I was able to keep the humidity around 50%.

    I gave it a "smidget" of vitamins, no iron of course in the water and gave it a couple drops of that. I just did it so I haven't seen any affects from it yet. I hope I didn't do anything wrong but if it was a chicken that is what I would have done.

    Here's a pic. It's not very good but you can see how it favors one side.


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