Bobwhite has segragated herself.. is poofy constantly--need advice..


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Northern Indiana
I have 6 bobwhite quail.......4 females and 2 boys. I got these about a month ago and they all slept together in their little circle that they make until just a couple nights ago. Now, I have this hen that has been poofed up for about a week and a half. She poos normally, eats and drinks just like the others, but when it comes time to go to sleep and huddle together, she goes off by herself. completely away from the others and sleeps by herself. Throughout the day she is poofed up, and reminds me of the quail version of the hunchback of Notre Dame.... Her poo is not runny or different from the others in any way. They are only about 16 weeks old and I haven't gotten any eggs, so I think they'll wait til spring.

What do you think is going on??
I was first thinking broody but being only 16 weeks that is unlikely. I think she is not feeling well. You may try giving her some sulmet in the water. Also put some lettuce in there. There is something in lettuce that give bobwhites a boost.
Your feedstore should carry it. I made mine carry it
It is a lifesaver
16 Wks Old? Teenagers, The Ugly Years...

She Is Very Likely Being Picked On By A More Agressve Hen In The Lot. Bobs Are Mean Lil Suckers--- They Are The Junkyard Dogs Of The Quail World. So Mean That Many Days They Dont Even Like Their Own Kind. Once A Bird Decides To Start Beating Up On Another It Starts A Whole Frenzy And The Rest Of The Covey Will Join In On The Poor Individual That Was Singled Out. Solitude Is Her Safety Net. If They Have To Run Across The Pen To Whip You It Gives You The Added Edge Of Time..... Time To Freak Out And Run Like The World Is On Fire And Hopefully Find A Hiding Spot Or The Aggressor Will Tire Out And Stop Persueing. Add Hiding Places To Their Pen And Consider A Larger Pen Space.
That have a really large pen and a gazillion hiding places... Their pen is 4x12 with a 7 ft. height. I've added all kinds of nooks and crannies for them. I'll keep an eye out for the bullying though for sure. Thanks!
Funny that you mention this. I have a hatchling that is a real bully. It pecks other hatchlings feet, backs and anywhere else it feels it wants to. I have had a few hatchlings, who I thought were healthy, die in the brooder. I thought it was something I was doing wrong or sick chicks (they seemed fine though) until I saw this brat in action. Now I wonder.....could he/she be the reason?
Yes Bullying Can Cause Brooder Deaths---- Most Commonly It Segregates The Target Bird And They Die From Dehydration And Or Malnutrition. But This Is Rare With Most Speces, Seems To Be The More Rough And Tumble Birds Like Bob Whites, Valleys, Chukar, And Pheasants
My first Bobwhite hen acted similar to this. She would eat and drink, but she would never walk around and was always fluffed up. she ended up passing away, but not from any sickness. I think someone stepped on her while she was loose in the house.

I was interested when I heard there was another that acted the same way. She was about 14 weeks when she started acting strange.

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