bomb proof (aka goat proof) chicken coop

I hear crickets and see tumbleweed on this post -- maybe because no one's invented a "goat proof" anything yet!! LOL

As far as my goats are concerned, if there's feed to be had they'll find a way in! But I'm going to be watching this post with interest.




I had to put up a 4' fence to keep the goats and sheep from using the coops as a battering ram.
I have the goats and chickens sharing the same little barn this winter, though not the same space within the barn. I built a "coop" within the barn at one corner for the chickens using 2x4 walls with 4xx4 posts at corners, and hardware cloth instead of solid walls. One of the goats hay feeders is on the wall shared by goats and chickens. The door to the "coop" is a weak spot but the goats have limited time to test it. So far it is working.
The chickens pop door opens to a covered run built along the long side of the barn, run is made with 4x4's and hardware cloth. It does not share a wall with the goat yard.

All this was just finished and chickens moved in in October or maybe it was late September. Come spring I will have to expand the chickens run, and then will have more issues with the goats.
Before this the chickens were totally separated from the goats. Chickens were just babies and were in a roofed open air pen in my dog's yard, surrounded by chain link fence.

They are sharing space because it is winter and it's COLD, housed together they share body heat so everyone is warmer than if I had put the chickens in a separate structure.

I haven't taken any pics. Sorry.
I don't have pic's either but this is very similar to what we did. Except that over the hardware cloth we also installed hog panels attached to the 2x4's. The coop door is solid. The pop door opens to a run that is inside the goat pasture along one fence. It is chain link and surrounded by a strand of hot wire, as is the entire inside of the goats pasture, this is very effective at keeping them off the fence. I've had no problems with goats getting into my chicken area.
I have Nigerian Dwarf goats and I have seen the year olds still able to slip throught an 8x8 chicken door. I had to go down to a 6x6 chicken door. I've thought about building the chicken doors higher and making a perch the birds would have to fly onto to get into the coop. I haven't felt desperate enough to do it yet but I see it happening in the near future.
Sorry I don't have pics of mine either.

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