Apr 1, 2020
Austin Texas
Hey everyone! I wanted to start a book club for my fellow BYC readers! Here we can talk about books, reading, chicken books, anything book related. Just state your name, favorite book, the book you are currently reading, and you're in! I'll start:
Name: Willa (aka TXChickenGirl)
Favorite book(s) : Warriors series by Erin Hunter, Watership Down by Richard Adams, Marley & Me by John Grogan, and wayy more!
Current book: Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan
How I read: I read on my amazing kindle and get books from the library.

Does anyone want me (or themselves) to choose a book and we all try to read it and discuss it? We can also just talk and share good books!
@Lacy Duckwing @SBFChickenGirl @Laura_BelgianBantams_63
Currently I’m reading “Liberate: Animal Liberation Above The Law, Stories And Lessons On The Animal Liberation Front, Animal Rights Activism, & The Animal Liberation Underground” by Peter Young. I’m not enjoying it at all, but I am gaining legitimate insight into a subject I needed to know more about. Still, it’s bleh.
Sounds... a little boring. :lau Long title, too. Why do you need to learn about animal rights? Not that it's a bad thing, I'm just curious!

It's not so much boring as infuriating...but I don't recommend it.

I am reading it as part of a case I have been working on with a Private Investigator for the last year and a half or so.

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