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    Jul 14, 2010
    I am trying to figure out breeding "rules" for bantam cochins. My son has a black cochin hen and a blue mottled hen. The colors we are interested in are blue, black, splash, and mottled. Is there a book out there somewhere that would explain what breeding one color to another will produce and what should not be bred as it will/may produce a funky color?

    I am very confused on what is being looked for in the mottled as well. Is it some sort of percentage of white? Sorry to sound so stupid. Any help is appreciated.
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    No worries, I am sure there are a few folks on here that can point you in the right direction. I heard about a really great genetics book being published not too long ago, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Have you joined the appropriate breed clubs? Sometimes the breed clubs have the best articles, etc on that particular breed.
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    Quote:Blue X Blue = 25%Black, 25%Splash, 50%Blue
    Blue X Black = 50%Black & 50%Blue
    Blue X Splash = 50%Blue & 50%Splash
    Splash X Black = 100%Blue
    Splash X Splash = 100%Splash
    mottle need to genes to show up so the first generation from mottled to blue well not me mottled but the 2nd generation well
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    Quote:Black parent X blue mottled parent = some F1 blue and some F1 black (F1=first offspring)

    Mottling is caused by a recessive gene so you can make black mottled and more blue mottled by back crossing an offspring to the parent blue mottled bird.

    F1 blue X blue mottled parent = some black mottled, some blue mottled, some black, some blue and some splash - you will also get mottled splash but you will most likely not be able to tell the difference between the two ( splash and mottled splash)

    F1 black X blue mottled parent= some black mottled, some blue mottled, some black, some blue

    You will have to hatch 20 or more birds to get all the different variates.

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    Seems like your questions have been answered, but here are some links on chicken genetics.
    Slightly outdated: … page0.html

    Good luck. You can search for more on BYC.

    And books... Thanks hinkjc.

    Genetics and Evolution of the Domestic Fowl by Lewis Stevens

    An Introduction to Color Forms of the Domestic Fowl: A Look at Color Varieties and How They Are Made by Brian Reeder

    Genetics of the Fowl: The Classic Guide to Poultry Breeding and Chicken Genetics by F.B. Hutt

    Genetics of Chicken Colours: The Basics by Sigrid Van Dort - David Hancox & Friends

    21st Century Poultry Breeding by Grant Brereton
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