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    Can chickens talk?
    What does a rooster do all day?
    Would a mother hen attack a hawk?
    What happens within a family of chickens?
    We hear stories about prides of lions, see documentaries about dolphin behavior, know all about beavers and sharks. But what do we know about the life of a chicken?
    This soulful and humorous book takes the reader to a fascinating foreign world.
    The young rooster Change tells the real-life story of his family. Enchanting events and intriguing facts, chronicled and photographed over the course of one year, convey deep insights into daily chicken life. A reading joy for children, adults, and everyone who takes animals seriously, this book is a warmhearted inspiration for seasoned and aspiring chicken farmers.

    Created by chicken enthusiast Claudia Bruckert
    & delightfully illustrated by Paul-André Schabracq.

    Book information:
    Hardcover, 11 x 8.5 inches, 116 pages.
    English ISBN: 978159598-206-3
    Published by HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc.
    US$ 24.95, plus shipping & handling $ 3.50

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