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My whole life I have always been an advanced reader, and as early as sixth grade I was reading full on adult novels. Now I'm about to graduate highschool, and all the books I pick up and look at bore me! Something I never get tired of reading though is books about animals.

My favorite is The Daily Coyote, a book about a woman raising a coyote, and right now I am reading Tell Me Where It Hurts, which is a book written by a vet about different cases he's faced in the emergency hospital where he works.

I know about the James Herriot books, but I would have to drive about 35 minutes one way to go to the library a couple towns over to get them. (Our library has a branch there, and they split the books with our library instead of getting their own copies.)

What are some other books I might enjoy that are written for grown adults? It seems that many animal books are aimed at kids now.
Marly and Me
My Life in Dog Years, Gary Paulsen

I like Rita Mae Brown's books with Sneaky Pie, they are a mystery series with a couple of cats and a corgi as main characters.

Saved by a Horse, I don't know the author
White Fang, Jack London
Nomads of the North, James Oliver Curwood (he wrote a bunch of other stories with animals)

Other books I love:
Maurice and everything else by E. M. Forster
anything by Lois Bujold
Dana Stabenow's mysteries (have a wolf dog in them)
Robin Hobb's Assasin series
Faye Kellerman's mysteries
Emma, Jane Austen
Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery. I first read these as an adult
Still Life with Chickens...the author is a BYCer, I don't know if she is still active
Perhaps it's because we just lost our precious Charlie Girl, but both DH and I cried at the end of this book.
It was great.
Perhaps it's because we just lost our precious Charlie Girl, but both DH and I cried at the end of this book.
It was great.

All I did was read a small excerpt to know I have to get this book next pay day.
The Joy of Keeping Chickens by Jennifer Megyesi
Non-fiction, beautifully written, interesting and incredible photography by Geoff Hansen.

The series of books by Rita Mae Brown mentioned earlier is a fun read. I have a Corgi and could tell she had had first hand experience with the breed.
I love the Dick Francis mysteries. He's an ex-jockey and all his books have a racing-horsy theme and an intelligent plot. Most of theme based in England but other countries feature as well.

Another quick easy read but with plenty of food for thought is J. Allen Booone's Kinship with All Life. It is non-fiction and was first published in 1952, so it's been around a while.
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I really enjoyed James Patterson's Where the Wind Blows and The Lakehouse, which is the sequel. In the book, the male character is an FBI agent and the female is a vet. They end up finding these children who escaped from a lab in which scientists were engineering humans with other DNA. These particular "experiments" were part human and part bird. They looked human, but had wings and feathers. The two people help the kids escape from the lab in the first book. I don't quite remember everything about the second book, but they were quite good. These are the adult versions fo the teen book "Maximum Ride". Different story, but similar characters. James Patterson is an excellent writer!

Another book you might enjoy if you like animals is Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams. I haven't yet read this book, but I've been meaning to get my hands on it. Adams is a literary genius and he is just sooo hilarious. Last Chance to See is about a trip Adams took around the world to see a bunch of animals that are predicted to soon be extinct.

I don't know if you are into vampires, but Anne Rice writes some awesome books. They are definitely adult in nature, but she is a wonderful writer. Even if you are not into vampires, her style alone is enough to interest a person. I'm currently reading The Vampire Lestat and it is very very good. Definitely deep, but it is holding my interest quite well.
Another book I just thought of (Again, another fiction book) is Animal Farm. A lot of people I know hated it. I liked it enough to read it three times! Definitely one of my favorites.

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