Book to Pass On: Miss Harper Can Do It + First Chicken Dream

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    Hi All, I found out about this book through this site. A nice BYC member in Brooklyn was interviewed by the author becuase she owned chickens. There was a link to the YouTube video, but I'll be darned if I can find it now......does anyone know who that BYC member was? I'd like to thank her for sharing about the book.

    I'm a big believer in the perpetual sharing of books, so I would like to pass this book on to another BYC member who promises to enjoy it and pass it on to another BYC member, etc. I will mail the book to the first person who responds.

    My Chickens have just enjoyed their first full week out in their run, so I have to brag. Seems like their feathers are getting more beautiful now that they are outside. I will get my personal page up soon.

    Gobbles, my Speckled Sussex briefly escaped yesterday, which caused me to dream last night that she escaped and flew all the way across Contra Costa Blvd. toward the 680 freeway!

    What was your craziest chicken dream ever?
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    Hi, I would love to have the book! I also saw that you tube vides & post. Give me a minute & I will see if I can dig it up for you. Also I will pass the book along when finished with it Thanks Tammy
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    I think this is it

    My Chickens are documentary on YouTube promotes new book by magsrags

    View My BYC Page My Chickens are documentary on YouTube promotes new bookHow this Author found me and my tiny backyard flock is amazing. Especially due to the nature of her book. When all was said & done we had such a lot of fun. I can't wait to read it. thought I'd share the documentary with my BYC friends. I tried promoting the site but they editd out a lot. 4 hours it took for them to film!! it was cOLD out there in December. .
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