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    A silent night was unusual for the city of Calgary. Nobody was on Highway two. Stores closed, leaving Adult entertainment, gas stations and fast food joints. At a Tim Horton’s, a guy comes off his shift, after a long day of work. He’s in his mid twenty’s and blonde hair, blue eyes and is five foot seven. As the guy heads to his car, a Honda civic, he unlocks it and puts the key in and starts the car. He closes the door and puts the car in drive and drives off down the road. As he pulls into Deerfoot, he puts the stereo on and turns up the volume. As he turns right and turns right again, he knows where he’s going. His favourite song comes on, as he listens to it. He was bobbing his head with each beat of the drums. And he turned left and ended up at a apartment building. He pulled over into the parting lot. ‘Ah home.’ He thought as he parked in his spot, right by the door. He turned the key and turned off the car. He opened the door and walked towards the door. His neighbour also parked right by him,
    “Hey Sam.” His Neighbour called out. “How was work?”
    “Hey John. Work was like work. How was work for you?” he asked back.
    “Okay, A guy got shot like normal.”
    “Ah, nice. Wanna come over for a beer?” He asked John.
    “Na, have to wake up early tomorrow, maybe tomorrow”
    “Okay, tomorrow it is.” Sam said opening the door. He walked over to the mailbox room and opened his mailbox. He grabbed the stack and went through it. ‘Bills, bills and more bills. Great. Wait, what’s this?’ He thought as he saw one from his uncle. He opened it; it was a letter. ‘Wonder what’s up, He never really sends me anything.’ He thought. As he opened the letter up a check fell onto the ground, He picked it up, Twelve hundred dollars. His jaw dropped and he started to read the letter:

    Dear Sam,
    I got told from your mom about how you’re struggling in your bills, I know you’re in between jobs. I would like to give you this. The farm is going great, the sheep herd is growing, lambing season is coming up, which will mean more vet bills.
    Hope you enjoy the check.
    Your uncle,

    ‘Wow, when was this sent?’ Sam thought. He saw the date at the top, ‘Last month, and I’m just got it? Wow, I need to write a letter back.’ He thought. He went to the elevator and hit the button to go up. He got in and hit the 10th floor.

    To be Continued in Chapter 2
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    I will be working on chapter 2 tomorrow, Since I won't have one for next week

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