Books on Breeding Chickens?


10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Coastal Georgia
Hi, all!

I apologize if there's a list somewhere that I just haven't seen yet. Can anyone recommend good beginner books on breeding chickens? Basic genetics, stuff like that. I'd like to order some from Amazon this weekend.

There's one book that looked interesting but it's $40. It's called "Genetics of the Fowl". Do you think it's a worthwhile book?

Thanks for your help!!
The Mating and Breeding of Poultry, Harry M Lamon and Rob R Slocum, Its an old book thats been reprinted but it has good info and understandable for the beginner.
Yes, Genetics of the Fowl is a good book and worthwhile. It has much more detail than most of the book I've read. Another good one is Genetics and Evolution of the Domestic Fowl by Lewis Stevens. It is a smaller book (300 pgs), but written well.
I haven't found a good, practical, beginner book.

There are links to a number of online books here including Genetics of the Fowl. I'd suggest at least browsing through it before plunking down the $40.
I gather. Not too long ago I mentioned that it was a shame it was no longer available and someone sent me the link. Apparently there is truth in "once you post it online, it's there forever"

Looks pretty similar to what I remember from the last time I saw it as it's own website. Not sure if it lost anything that had been updated from when it was on the pekin board,

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