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    Nov 20, 2014
    Does anyone have any suggestions on good books for chicken care? I have one on chicken health, but I would like to find one that talks about actually taking care of chickens. I have no idea on how to check their crop, or check there vent for a stuck egg? Just a good general book on taking care of and raising chickens. There is so much I don't understand. Sometimes going online can be a pain. I have 11 chickens, and I only get about 6 eggs a day, so who is laying, who is pooping, who is getting enough oyster shell. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    There are so many books out there. I'd suggest that you take a trip to your local library. See what's available. Read a lot for free.
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    Ditto on the library.....there's ALOT of chicken books out there, many IMO are worthless...but most have decent basic info.

    Gail Damerow's Chicken Health book is one I deemed worthy of purchase, but even that has some stuff that's not quite.......

    Harvey Ussery 's Small Scale Poultry Flock is good too.

    Reading online can be a pain, lots of differing opinions and've just got to use common sense and glean the best does take time tho.
    Experience is a dear teacher, but the best in the long run.
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