Boone Hatchery in Utah

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  1. nadacsharon

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    Mar 27, 2016
    Bend, OR
    Does anyone know Boone Hatchery in Utah? I can't find anything online about them and wonder if anyone has bought from them and the health of the chicks received.


  2. HawaiiCana

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    Apr 22, 2013
    Cannot vouch for his chicks but I ordered a dozen Ayam Cemani and a dozen Cream Legbar hatching eggs from Boone Hatchery in Utah at a good price. Unfortunately the eggs were poorly packaged with news paper and with absolutely no side protection resulting in the majority of the Ayam Cemani eggs broken or cracked and the remaining covered with yolk and whites. One broken Cream Legbar egg. Steven did work quickly to file a claim with USPS and after winning the claim he did refund me for the eggs less $40 shipping. Eggs that survived are due to hatch tomorrow, hoping for the best.

    According to his ebay description he has improved his shipping method.

    "I ship them in insulated foam and vermiculite in order to prevent breakage. Ever since I changed to this shipping method I have experience much better results in my eggs arriving safely and customers are reporting descent hatch rates! "

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