Boosting chick crumble for Turkey Poults?


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Yeah, it's listed as a starter, which is why I was shocked. Prolly producers trying to be cheap. Doesn't even break down the amino acids in detail. Gamebird seems the safer option, or even quail starter?

Was looking at the amino acids in soybean meal and that would help balance out some of the above, but not the niacin.
Here turkey, game bird and quail starter is all the same thing. Normally it is 28% to 30% protein but a few unscrupulous dealers are advertising an 18% protein chick starter as good for all fowl including game birds and turkeys. The people that believe them mostly want to know why their turkey poults are developing leg issues.

As far as the B vitamins, they are easy to supplement. Mix vitamin B complex at the rate of one half tablet or capsule to one gallon of water. Make it the only source of water. It should be made fresh daily. Niacin and thiamine among others are B vitamins and will be found in vitamin B complex.


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Okay, okay, found 'one' that looks okay - Sharpes pheasant starter. Supplements the right amino acids and has the protein around 28%.
Yes I use a 28% game bird starter for about 8 weeks up to 12 and then switch to a 24% game bird grower pellet for my heritage varieties of turkeys. Works well for me, birds are pasture raised and do very well. I keep my poults on the grower a little longer than others 6 to 8 weeks is what is usually recommended.
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