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    Meet Plumb, our (almost) 1 year old Barred Rock.

    She has always had this with her eye. I am just curious about it.
    Could this effect or be effecting her vision?

    She is a hatchery bird. I have raised her since 1 day old.
    Her pupil seems to dilate and constrict as normal.

    She gets along just fine, although she isn't the brightest star in the sky (if you know what I mean). Often times she lags behind the rest of the flock, or gets so into free ranging and scratching doesn't realize she is alone.... then runs to catch up. Always lollygagging...
    It seems to be her personality.
    Or is it?

    Any thoughts or ideas?
    Or medical term for this eye?


    Addition: I think she is beautiful no matter what :)
  2. She is the same bird on my profile avatar, if you want a different look at another photo.


    Thanks again!
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    It could be a coloboma, which is a defect in the iris, and also occurs in humans and other animals. Sometimes it is difficult to tell a coloboma from ocular Mareks disease. If you search coloboma at the top of this page, there will be several threads with pictures to read.
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    I don't know much about what it could be, but I'd like to say that she is beautiful.
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  5. Plumb was vaccinated for marek"s disease on day 1 of life.

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