Borrowed broody....she's a sitter, not a quitter! *PIC*

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    My friend had a broody Ameraucana that she did not want to deal with--so I brought her home with me! She is still settling in, but has spent some time in the nest, sitting on 4, infertile "practice" eggs. If she stays broody, I have eggs in the bator on day 4 to put under her.

    It would be wonderful if this works, as it will be much easier to raise the babies with Mama in charge for the first few weeks. Either way, it will be good for the hen. She will either snap out of the broodiness and get about her normal business, or get the opportunity to hatch a batch of chicks and be a mom.

    I actually raised this Ameraucana from a chick and sold her to my friend. So she is actually back in her old stompin' grounds!

    Here is a pic from this morning...she is sitting tight!

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    I am on my 4th broody this spring 2 more day to go and I should have some more chicks, I love letting the moms do all the work. It is so much easier, but they are not tame and I have been bitten a few times:barnie. Good luck hope she stays broody for you.
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    Did the same thing. Have a bantam cochin setting on orpington eggs. 3 hatched so far......
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    I had a hen " old english Game Hen " that went broody , with no eggs .

    She just sat in one place for about 3 weeks . She seems to have snapped out of it . Problem is now , she has not started laying again .

    Its been close to a month now .
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