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Mar 9, 2009
Hey everyone,
I have not purchased any chickens as of yet, but I am in the planning stages of what type of breed, how many, coop-design, etc. My question is in regards to raising chicks via a broody hen. Is it common practice to introduce a rooster to a flock for just a few days (borrowed from a neighbor) to inseminate the females and subsequently have fertilized eggs for just that 2 week period? I would like to have unfertilized eggs for most of the egg laying season. Any advice would be much appreciated- Thanks!
Are you not wanting to eat fertilized eggs? Or are you not spose to have a roo? If your not wanting to eat fertilized eggs, there is no difference in taste. If it is because you cant have a Roo, and want fertilized eggs, that is not really a real good Idea, because even though you know the roo and it is not sick, you should still quaranteen for a month before introducing him to the flock. So if you do proper quaranteen, you will have to have the roo at your place for 11/2 - 2 months.
Well I can only have a roo at my place from end of Oct to around March/April. Quarantine about a month is a good idea and if you do not have a place to quarantine him, you can ask your neighbor or friend with a cage provided and put the roo in the cage away from the flock. I would prefer the roo away from the flock for a month in a different building if he got another place to keep him in. I did that with a friend who got a big cage a 36x36 and put the roo in the horse barn which it was about a good 500 ft away from the flock barn. So he never had any exposure in between time. never had a sick bird either so it works well for both of us. And when i return him, he will be quarantined for a month before she lets him out with her flock.

Not everyone got the time and labor to do it but if the roo is important, it is a good thing.

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