BOSS Treat or Fodder?


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I want to sprout BOSS for my ducks but people say it’s really high in fat and should only be feed as a treat. No more than 10% of their diet. Is this true?
Sprouted or not.... yes, it should only be fed as a treat.

All treats added together should be 10% or less of their diet.


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Black oil sunflower seeds, I think.

Exactly. Black OIL Sunflower Seeds. They are high in protein and high in OIL content.

BOSS makes an excellent treat in small quantities, the OIL really makes their feathers shine. I often suggest it as a treat when they are growing feathers after a molt, it makes the feathers really pretty. But it's not what I'd use as a main feed.

A true feed for ducks or other fowl gives them a balanced diet of the nutrients they need. That means the correct amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, and such. All the various nutrients they need, not just a few of them and in the right balance. The 10% treats rule is an approximation, how do you know that it is 10%? A rule of thumb is that if they can clean up whatever treat you give them in 10 to 15 minutes it is not enough to upset that balanced diet. It's not just the oil, it's all the other nutrients.

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