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    Aug 6, 2014
    I have 5 ducks. 1 Rouen(female) and 4 Peking (the 2 female and 2 male). All came fron different places at different stages. My problem is that thesomebody older drake that won't let the younger drake near the females or the food. They are free range they wander my whole yard. They are hunting the woods together and sleep together but only when they're wandering around and feeding time will be older Drake charge the younger one. When I see it happen I separate him from the rest so that the younger Drake eat. But I can't be here all day. Should i get rid of him or its just the way that they're going to be. He never hurts the other. But they do run by the road. I'm a little worried he's going to chase him out into the street. I'm new to this whole duck thing and there is a nature center down the street that will take the duck. There are two female Pekings there. What should I do?
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    Aug 6, 2014
    Mostly breeders had one male with two to three females so it's not fair to the younger one so you can either take him to the center place or separate him or even put one of the females with him till he is full grown unless he's not
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    Unfortunately, you do not have enough females to run two drakes.. they are fighting for place and the one guy is winning, all flocks have to establish pecking orders but personally, either add more females, divide the flock down or sell a drake.

    I run quite a few drakes here that said, every year i am always aiming to add to my females.. i want as many as possible to lessen the problems brought on by drakes, also i will add not all drakes are cut out for multiple drake flocks, i have sold some because they just do not tolerate the other males.

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