Boston Terriers PHOTOS!! on 33


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Jul 13, 2009
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Who all here owns them or is owned by them? DH is determined to have a Boston, and I think I might of found one that we are going to get!

Please share stories of yours, and LOTS of photos!!
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Never had one but one came around our house a while back. Really friendly and sweet
You should of nabbed it for ME! lol

Our neighbor has one, he is the most adorable lil thing (he MIGHT weigh 8 pounds) but he wont let anyone besides his people near him, he is terrified of strangers!
My neighbor Janet Lewis in MD breeds & shows them. She co-owns the Grand Champion male. Hers are gorgeous show dogs, but she may have some pet quality puppies too. Her # is 410-397-8573. Good home only. Tell her Stephanie sent you.
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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ADOPT A RESCUE BOSTON TERRIER!!!!! You WILL NOT regret it, I promise!!! We own 3, and they are by far, the BEST family dogs we have ever had!! Soooo many positive attributes- SMART, loyal, EASY to train, VERY friendly, WONDERFUL family dogs, with a short, stubby face, they would have a very hard time doing any damage if they were to try to bite (which I have NEVER heard of happeneing, but I guess it could) Mine have NEVER shown aggression, and in fact, they once jumped inot the local dog-catchers' car!!! They are sooooo NOT guard dogs, they hardly ever bark, but when they do, its for a reason. Guests to your home are treated like family, they will love everyone immediately (at least, mine do!)

They do have certain genetic downfalls to be aware of- They do tend to have allergic dermatitis, so coat care and flea prevention is a MUST. They have THE WORST GAS of any breed, so be prepared to ALWAYS blame that smell on the dog! They have a tendency towards juvenile cataracts, so have the vet look close at the eyes, also for 'cherry eye', which is only cosmetic usually. Check for 'luxating patellas' which is where the knee cap will become detatched and beging to rotate. It is very painful for the dog, similar to a Lab getting hip displaysia.

A rescue place will usually be able to tell you about those things if the dog has had a vet exam, but DO ask. Also, a GOOD breeder has had their dogs checked for those problems and has eliminated dogs with those issues from their breeding program.

I would highly reccomend a Boston to ANYONE! They are usually small, so you dont need lots of space. They are also NOT a high enery dog, so a few tosses of the frisbe (they LOVE fetch) will tire them out.

As to enviroment? They are great for anything from apartments to ranches. They do have very short fur (not alot of shedding or bathing needed) so they DO NOT tolerate temperature extremes. NOT a dog to be left outside. They have short muzzles, so they do tend to snore like lumberjacks!

Look on Facebook, there are TONS of rescue groups looking to place Bostons- everything from babies to seniors. All over the country too.

Warning- Bostons are HIGHLY addictive!! You WILL want more!!
My Mom bought her first Bosten when I was about 12. Awesome dog! One piece of advice though; it pays to go to a REPUTABLE breeder or rescue. Mom got a 'deal' on Rosie because the couple that bought her "decided they couldn't breed her because she was upsetting their current pair". Well, about a year later we found out the real reason. Apparently the couple did their own vacinations and instead of immunizing her against distemper they ended up giving it to her!
She started going blind and having seizures. She ended up living to be about 10 years old but she spent a good portion of that time bumping into walls (Mom put semi-gloss paint on the walls to hide the nose prints) and taking steroids (to stop the siezures). I would be very leary of any Boston priced under $300 from a 'breeder'. Makes me think 'poor breeding/puppy mill' with all the inherant problems therein.

June is my Mom's second and current Boston. Spunky little thing; Mom got her from a good breeder (I don't remember where). The lady was going to show June until it was discovered she had a *ahem* female problem. After that they put her up for sale as a pet with a spay clause. She might have even been spayed before Mom picked her up, I'm not sure. She was somewhere around 1k though. Mom figured it was worth it to get a dog that she wouldn't have to pay so many vet bills on this time. June is a complete comedian, she loves toast with peanutbutter on it (Mom always gives her the last bite), and loves to play with the cat (who, I might add, outweighs her by a couple of pounds).

I highly recommend Bostons! I would love to get one right now and if I had the time to take care of one I'm sure my DH would see things my way...


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bostons are adorable, i have a boston/pug cross and he's a great dog, when he goes, hopefully not anytime soon i want to get a pure boston, when they are puppies they are little wiggle worms
Well, we are supposed to be picking her up tomorrow after he gets off work.

He got her as an abused stray that was eating at dumpsters when she was a tiny pup. He has had her dewormed (he said she had whip and hook bad) spayed, all shots, she is heart worm negative, and he is sending the rest of it with us, etc... she is on Taste of the Wild dog food.
He breeds Yorkies, pot belly pigs, and homing pigeons.

He said the healthier she has gotten, the more spunky she is!

He sent me a photo tonight on my phone and OMG I cant wait to see her in person tomorrow!

He knocked $50 off her adoption fee for me!!

I will post pix as soon as we get home tomorrow with her!

I am now debating on names!

This will sound odd to most, but we are major horror film fans! My all time favorite is the original Halloween film with Michael Myers, well it was set in a town called Haddenfield, I think I am going to name her Haddie for that town! lol
I have a male boston who we bred with my MIL's female boston beautiful puppies great family dogs...mine tries to eat my chickens but other than that I can't really complain


Boston puppy we kept

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