Boston Terrorist......

Plucky Pullet

9 Years
Aug 18, 2010
So I have backyard chicken that have to share a back garden with my Boston Terrorist, Winston. It used to be that when the girls were out the dog was in. Considering how long chickens and dogs live, and the fact that both chickens and dog are under 1 this segregation is really not easy to keep up for the next 7 years.
So yesterday (while I was at work) my DH let everyone out in the back yard together:th
Turns out my little terrorist is just a big baby. HYe went to sniff on of our girls and when they turned around to tell him to *bawk off* he turned tail and ran away. I beleive they have decided between the two species that he can one side of the garden and they will have the greener side (whatever side that may be).
Oh gosh, my little boston terrorist (love this
) is a certified chicken killer. He is fine if I am out there with him, but the very second he thinks my back is turned or that I am not paying attention, he strikes

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