Both eyes of my turkeys are swollen from fowl pox and she can't eat or drink


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Jul 24, 2013
Hi everyone,
My turkeys eyes have both become swollen due to fowl pox which she contacted a week ago. She is now all lethargic and not eating out drinking because she can't see anything in the first place. I would really appreciate help provided in this regard because I am all just jumpy and worried. Thank you all.
If it is Dry Pox, alone (no involvement in oral cavity/esophagus - Wet Pox) she should with a bit of attention to detail, recover fully (bad case of Dry will take ~3-6 weeks to resolve).
Direct treatment of Dry Pox? Daub betadine, iodine on any Pocks that are open/`weeping' to decrease chance of a secondary infection.

Separate her and keep in small penned area. Place a 2-3 gallon rubber/plastic `hog bowl';, up off of ground with pavers/concrete block and fill to brim with water. At same ht., next to water bowl, place a couple of clean, large planter saucers. Fill one with regular feed, the other for augmenting regular diet. Just make sure feed/water is at about the ht. of turk's chest level (not easy to hop into/tip over).

We used canned corn mixed with torn up grapes/dried meal worms - sometimes crushed hard boiled eggs, in the `diet augmentation saucer (used a white saucer so what could be seen -was - and contrast from food items in saucer was high). Took our two nearly blind toms some hands-on guidance (dipping beaks in food/water) before they could find them, on own, again. Our two were kept in an 8'x 8' chain link kennel when they were the blindest/most vulnerable.

Here's a thread with more info, links to pics - and hopeful outcome:

Good luck!
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Thank You all for your timely replies. Unfortunately, she had passed on today by the time I went to the coop early in the morning. It is sad, but I suppose it's just how it is. Hopefully, this experience will help me the next time. Thank You all

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