Bothell, WA friend needs to sell his American Bulldog female

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    Apr 1, 2007
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    A friend of mine can no longer take care of his American Bulldog puppy that he recently purchased. He's looking for somebody that can take her. She's already been receiving house-training and is doing well with it. She's being crate trained as well. She's quite sweet, but he already has a full house and needs to place her fairly quickly. She'd be around 4-6 months old by now.

    If anyone knows anybody that might be interested, could you please ask around? I looked up pics and this will be the way she will probably look when she gets older.


    Sorry this is lacking info, this was kind of last minute. But if anybody is interested I can get more info, or get you in contact with him so that you can question him more.

    Thank you all!

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