Bottle Baby goats.

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  1. Hi there, everyone. I have a baby goat that I recently got that I am bottle feeding. He's just now 4 weeks old and was bottle fed goat milk by his previous owners. We don't use formula and we don't have a goat in milk. So we use regular cow milk instead. He didn't like it plain and I've found the only way to get him to take the bottle is to add a dollop of honey to his milk when I warm it in the microwave. I don't add more than about half a teaspoon to 5oz. Is this okay for him? He gets 3-4 5 oz. bottles a day and he really seems to like the sweetness and is finally actually looking for his bottle now.
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    It is safe for him [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now, as he get older, around 2-3 months slowly get him to were he is feeding twice a day, then once.. Slowly give his dose of milk less and less, until there is none. He will cry his head off for a few days once off the bottle. Oh, Is it a doe or a buck? It sounds like a buck, if so, once he is about 3 or so months I would say band him, or call the vet, a buck (intact) sucks as a pet.
  3. Thanks for letting me know! I knew regular sugar wouldn't be a good idea but thought that honey, being purely natural, would be okay But I wanted to be sure so asked here. We're keeping him for breeding, so he's not going to be solely a pet. This will be our first foray into keeping milk goats. He's now taking his bottle without any fuss at all (unless you count nearly knocking me over in his haste to get to it!)



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