Bottle feeding baby goats

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    Oct 10, 2008
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    We got two goat kids today! They are so cute and doing pretty well. The doeling is 1 week old, and the little whether-to-be is 2 weeks old. I am reading to give 10-12 ounces of whole milk 3X a day. However, I was told by the breeder that we should be feeding them 20oz 3X a day. The lady at TSC used to bottle feed large numbers of boer goats, and said she only gave them 3 ounces at each feeding; 3X a day. I really don't want to hurt them, and I am really at a loss as far as what to do. If they already had 40oz. today, should I still give them dinner? The tales of blat and floppy kid sendrome scare me. I am already so attached, and I just want to know what is best for them. Thanks for the help.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    What do you mean by "whole milk"?
    If you are bottle feeding you need to be giving them goat's milk or Kid Milk Replacer.
    As for the amounts I would do:
    Age Amount Frequency
    days 3-7 old 8 oz every 6 hrs

    2-4 wks 10 oz every 8 hrs

    5-8 wks 12 oz every 12 hrs

    9-10 wks 6 oz am and pm

    When they're ready I'd start to let them eat hay/grain and give them water from a bowl so they can nibble and learn to eat like big goaties. It may take longer for that if they don't have mommies to mimic.
    I also recommend you get some books so you can get their diet etc correct...
    Good Luck!!!
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    Thanks for the chart! We called the breeder and she actually feeds about 15oz 3x a day. We have the Storeys guide to Raising Milk goats and an FFA goat book. The two goat leaders, the books, the breeder, and almost everything I have read says not to feed milk replacer. Supposedly it can cause floppy kid syndrome and bloat. Our 4-H leader, who we talked to today, says only to feed whole vitamin D cows milk from the store, or goats milk. I was going to add buttermilk for probos and extra fat, but she said whole milk was enough. Also, I bought some goat nutri-drench, but I am not sure if I should use it or not.

    The male baby pees a lot! But at least his poo was well-formed marbles, not diahrrea. Wheh! However, the girl hasn't peed in about 30 minutes. Thanks for the help!
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    Whole milk is perfectly fine.

    In fact, I would advise AGAINST replacer, ever. Kids just don't do as well on it as they can do on whole cow's milk.
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  5. bock

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    Oct 10, 2008
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    They seem to be thriving on it! They are drinking about 15 ounces, 3x a day, and they LOVE it. They wold probably drink a whole gallon if I let them. Off course that would definitely not end well! Also, they are nibbling on alfalfa, and we need to get them some grain. They are always trying to eat our fingers, toes, and hair. Not to mention, they have to taste everything! Little boogers!

    We named the little buckling Shasta and the girl Heidi. My sister is either going to show Heidi for 4-H, or I will for FFA. We are getting another doeling soon, and we can decide then. Shasta will be a pet (he will be neutered at 3 months), and we are thinking abou using him for packing. They are both such love bugs, I just wish I could spend all day with them. [​IMG] Pics coming soon, I promise!
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    When I bottle-raised my 3 goat kids, I used Uni Milk from TSC, but I mixed it half and half with vitamin D milk and also added probiotic and corn syrup. My babies did very, very well on it and never got diarrhea or floppy kid syndrome.
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    You have baby goats and did NOT post pics [​IMG] ( just joking [​IMG])

    oops sorry did not read all the post's
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  8. We have raised several kids on bottles. We used a mixture of whole cows milk, plain yogurt(for the probiotics, whatever kind is more "natural" and least sugar-like from a health food section), water and goat kid replacer(way less than the packaging recommended),. I cant remember the recipe and dont seem to be able to find the recipe card.....sorry...but it worked wonderfully.
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    Jul 22, 2010
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    When my goats were older then 2 weeks...about 1 month I think - then I went a step further:
    I mixed "baby cream farina" into their milk mixture - thinner on a beginning and much thicker when they were big and almost ready to be weaned from the bottle.They have in Walmart few different variety; apple, bananas, mxed fruits, etc...
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    Apr 11, 2012
    I have a new baby goat. He has been feed whole milk from the grocery store ever since I got him. He is growing like a weed and is doing fine. My problem is getting him to start eating sweet feed like the other goats.

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