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Sep 19, 2007
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We got 3 baby bucklings, well, they will be wethers in a week or two...... anyway, I am feeding them 3 times a day about 20oz of milk replacer . They are mostly Nubian and have some Alpine in them. One is about 4 wks the others are 2 wks. They have clean water available to them and Alfafa to start to nibble on. Any suggestions to do something differently? I guess I just want to make sure that I am doing this right. All advice welcome. Thanks.
The only thing I know is use Land 'o Lakes kid milk replacer. Everything else is inferior. Since you're bottle feeding already I'd go 6 weeks minimum on replacer. Every replacer is different, so follow the feeding instructions on them strictly.

In addition to the alfalfa pellets, I'd consider getting some roughage (hay) in for their rumens to develop properly.
I would feed the younger ones more often...but as long as it seems fat and happy I guess you're doing ok.

In addition to the hay, offer goat grain and loose minerals free choice. Most of my kids are experimenting on the grain with mom by 3 weeks of age. Don't forget to start C/D & T vaccinations (series of 2) and probiotics. Another important step is cocci prevention. You should do some looking around and see which method will work best for you.

Best of luck!
When you say probiotics, is that probias? I just gave some of that to them because they seem to have a little runny poo. I am certain that it is the change in diet. They were on goat milk. So do you think I should but some goat chow in the feeder for them to try?
Yup - I think we're talking the same product here. I use the brand name ProBios gel for my goats - kids get 5 units and adults get 10.

I would blame the trots on the milk replacer. I've had bad luck with milk replacer, but some people have had fine luck with it. I think it has too much sugar - which leads to the trots. I either bottle feed with half and half, whole cows milk (from the store) or raw goats milk, depending on the baby's needs and what's available.

I would say if the trots don't go away in a couple days, you should try regular cows milk...
I feed my bottle babies either goat milk or whole cows milk with a little half and half in it ...I havent had any trots with this ...the first time I had bottle babies I had the trots all the time and switched to regular cows milk and it went away...give it a try and see if this helps. Replacers dont digest well in their tummys and upsets it bad. Good luck
jersey gurnsey or swiss cos milk are good for goats.that is if you have a dairy close to 4wks they are ready for a small amount of feed.
We start all bottle kids on milk (goat preferably but when I'm only milking 8 and have 18 only goes so far). I buy vitamin D and mix it w/ the goat milk we have on hand. When they're roughly 4 weeks old I'll start adding about 25% replacer to the goat / vitamin D just to stretch it a little further. I NEVER use replacer, even in part, on newborn babies.
I also use the probios whenever they're wormed or vaccinated.
We keep hay / goat ration / fresh water in front of them at all times along w/ loose mineral and a goat block. I see the week old kids nibbling right along w/ the older babies.
You might take a fecal sample in to the vet to make sure there isn't a parasite issue. Worms and coccidia can kill babies toot-sweet.
I don't deworm my kids until they're 4 weeks old. Cocci prevention treatment begins at 3 weeks and is repeated at 6 weeks.

Runny and SMELLY stools point to cocci. Once you've smelled it, you can identify it from a distance. Also, with cocci, they'll stand with their hind legs tucked under and their toosh hunkered down, as if they're cold, due to the intestinal pain.

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