Bottle lamb throwing up - HELP please

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    We've got two little bottle lambs- Olivia is a 51/2 week old jacob sheep. She and her "brother" have been eating superlamb mix replacer mixed with fresh goats milk in small feedings several times a day (they eat 8 to 10 oz. every three hours now) They also get water via the bottle and have had access to alfalfa hay and DuMor sheep feed. It is my understanding that both lambs received colostrum at birth. They also have a sheep specific mineral block.

    Olivia has been grinding her teeth for a few days, but has continued to eat, drink, poop, pee and play normally so I didn't think much of it. Today, right after I went out to do chores, my daughter called me back to the lamb room- Olivia had thrown up "white, foamy, rope-looking" liquid. I didn't get to see it first hand, but my mother did and described it as such- the towel had absorbed it by the time I got back there. Her temp is normal.

    Olivia is walking around now, doesn't seem wobbly or depressed in any way.
    I've given her some warm water w/ a pinch of baking soda and Probios in it, but she's not interested in drinking too much of it. I don't want to give her a milk bottle until I know what's going on in her gut.
    Her stomach feels hard, not a lot of gut sounds going on, I don't see the left side balloon that seems to indicate bloat in adult sheep.

    What is going on here? What should I do or look for?

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