Bottling up goat milk....(bottle cap question)

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    Sep 9, 2008
    Albany, Texas
    This may sound like a goofy post, but I need to be able to put goat milk into bottles (like water bottle size) and make it look like it's factory sealed. Can you buy those tamper evident caps and put them on bottles with having to use some sort of capping machine?

    No, I am not trying to scam anyone. I work in a prison, and the only beverages we are allowed to bring in must be in clear bottles with an unbroken seal. The actual directive says that liquids can only be brought in the original container. HELLO!!!! The orginal container is MY GOAT!!!!

    We bought a goat so we can drink the milk and start taking a more natural foods approach. You can bring in soups, stews, broth, anything like that in a tupperware type container that you've packaged up yourself, but when we asked about the possibilty of bring goat milk in that way, we were told "No." The person my husband (he also works here) asked said that any milk brought in would have to be from the store, to go to the store and buy milk to bring to work. When my husband explained that one can't just buy bottles of goat milk at a store, he was told that if he decided to consume something like that, he wouldn't be able to bring it to work with him.

    So, I am now on a quest to disguise my goat milk as "factory sealed." Anyone know anything about bottle caps?


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    Mar 12, 2007
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    Man I wish I had an idea for you. How silly!

    Um...blow torch? Melt that sucker on there?! haha

    What about sealed mason jars? You can make them seal just by heating the glass, I think...
  3. Imp

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    Try checking out places that sell beer and wine bottling supplies. Several years ago I bought some beer supplies for a Christmas gift and the capping tool was just a handheld plier type thing for just a few dollars. Plus they sold the caps cheaply as well. I don't remember the bottles. You might need to make a "real" label for them.
  4. OrpingtonManor

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    Yeah, we make rootbeer, and get the caps and bottlecapper at the local beer supplies place. You would have to use glass bottles, though. I got mine at an antique store.
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    Mar 12, 2007
    Alfordsville, IN
    Thats a fabulous idea...! Can he take glass jars in?
  6. Gatorpupsmom

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    Sep 9, 2008
    Albany, Texas
    No, we can't take glass bottles in. Must be plastic. I found some plastic bottles and caps online today, but I am not sure how to put them on....whether or not you have to have some machine to get them on the bottle. Guess I'll call the company and ask on Monday.

    Yes, I thought I'd create my own dairy labels to slap on the bottles. Was thinking of slogans for the labels.....

    Fresh Milk from Sassy Saanens? The Goodness of Goat Milk? Guarding with Goat Power? (to go with the prison theme)

    They are forcing me to be a rebel on this one. We understand the need for prison security...My husband's worked there for 17 years and I've worked there for 11 years. The logic behind having only sealed bottles is so that people can't smuggle in alcoholic beverages. Trust me, I am not going to ruin perfectly good goat milk by loading it with booze!! My thoughts on it were that if soup could be brought into the unit in a tupperware type container, perhaps they would make a concession for the fresh goat milk. Nope!!! This forces me to go to plan B.

    But, if you happen to hear on national news that someone in Texas was busted for attempting to smuggle goat milk into prison in know nothing!!!!!!![​IMG]

    The Goat Milk Smuggler
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    Mar 20, 2008
    What about putting the milk inside of a tupperwear container and telling them it's cream of something soup? [​IMG]

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    thats asinine, tell them your husband is allergic to pasturized milk and this is a dietary thing, or HELL if the f-n prisoners get to have thier religious rights why cant your husband? tell the warden that its against your religion to drink pasturized store CRAP!!!! I SWEAR...... prisonoers have more rights that the darn gaurds do!!! I mean really smuggling in fresh milk to the prisoners..... tell the warden he can taste your flippin milk everyday ......who is to say that the cream of something soup isnt laced with METH!!!!!! do they random sample the soups?

    GESH!!!![​IMG] I mean really!!!!(Sorry if I sound a little irate, but I am.... I mean whats the difference between a container of milk and soup?)
  9. luvzmybabz

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    Oct 11, 2007
    The last gallon on Milk I bought I went to a different person as local guy was out well. She filled a gallon then got the lid the lid and seal thing were together and she screwed whole thing onto gallon jug then when I went to open just the lid came off I have seen some of these online lust pay really close attention maybe even call and make sure that the seal is attached to lid for smaller containers.
  10. It's funny you should ask this... I was actually on my way over to random ramblings to ask about how to bottle and cap Maple Syrup, I want to bottle it and give it away as Christmas gift this upcoming year BUT if I can't find a way to seal the bottles, the books I'm reading are telling me it will only keep for 2 months in the fridge!
    So I am just sitting here scratching my head!
    Not to hijack your thread!

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